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Bring Your Binoculars, Telescope and Camera!

Rome Point, at the John H. Chafee Nature Preserve, is the place to be to see Harbor Seals! I had some free time over the weekend and hiked out there to see the seals. Prime time is mid-March to mid-April, when you can see over 100 of these beautiful animals, before they migrate towards Maine and Nova Scotia. I did see about 45 seals laying in the sun on the rocks....a spectacular sight and opportunity. They have such beautiful faces! Go to for some great information on their habits, best times for viewing (after low tide, they feed and swim and play!), and some great photographs too.

To get to Rome Point, take Route 1A, about 3/4 mile north of where 138 crosses Boston Neck Road on the west side of Narrragansett Bay. Before the main trail reaches the shoreline, a gravel road branches off to the left of the main path just past the power line crossing at the bottom of the hill. This pretty cedar-lined path runs parallel to the beach. This path is easier walking than the beach and is sheltered from the wind. All ages can make this walk, if you choose this path, bear right at the "Y" and right at the "T" to reach Rome Point, although you'll pass some other lucky  people with binoculars around their necks and you'll know you're going the right way. The distance from the parking area to Rome Point is about 1 1/4 miles and it is easy and flat. You can also walk straight down the main path, then walk left on the beach, although it becomes very rocky. When you reach Rome Point, look to the East towards Conanicut Island (Jamestown) and you'll see a rock outcropping known to local mariners as the Seven Sisters. The Harbor Seals will be hanging out and loving life.

Dianne Grippi

How I Got Smart About Energy

If you’re like me and want to save both money and energy, you might contact Rise Engineering.  They came out to my home this week and did a free energy assessment.  I live in an older home, but they are full of information for all homeowners.  They work with National Grid and provided me with many tips on how to keep my costs affordable and my home comfortable.  

We walked around the entire house, inside and outside, and the energy specialist they sent over even went into my eaves, attic and crawlspace! He discussed insulation and air sealing to reduce drafts, cleaning my radiators, window replacements, water heaters that can be upgraded to solar, appliances (mine already have Energy Star ratings!), programmable thermostats and gave me some new Energy Star compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which use 75% less electricity and last 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.  There are many programs and rebates available to homeowners to help you in your energy conservation endeavors.

In Rhode Island, call 1-888-633-7947 to schedule an appointment.  It took about two weeks for me from the time I contacted them, and was well worth it.  I should be getting a full written report from them soon, and will be able to plan exactly where I want to begin with their advice.  To learn more about reducing energy usage in your home, check out  Protect your investment! Get smart about energy! I did!

-Dianne Grippi 


All in Good Time - How I Helped My Buyers Find their Perfect Home


“Good Evening -  Just a note to tell you that we used
Island Realty as a buyers agent
for a recent home
buying transaction in Wickford.  I would like to say that
your agent
Dianne Grippi provided exemplary service to
the customer.  She was thorough, very
and was very professional.  She was available late at night
and was a driving force to help us close the deal…Yeah Dianne 
you are a star!!!! I would recommend Island Realty to all of myfriends because of the great service that Dianne Grippi provided for us. 

Thanks again,
Nat Kopcyk

Ok it's your turn to sing Dianne's accolades.

I do think Island Realty is the best choice for a realtor for sure, 
after observing them
in the community for over a decade. I always 
knew I would use Island Realty when I
bought or sold a house.”
-April Lorenzen


I had a wonderful time working with April and Natalka.  I enjoyed learning many things about them and it appears they had a wonderful time working with me!

I began looking at homes with them about 2 years ago.  At that time, we went over their 'wish list' and looked at quite a few homes.  I realized they wanted space for a home office, their grown children, and possibly longer term visits from an older parent who would need a first floor bedroom.

As we toured various homes, we came to the realization that they just were not ready to move forward.  When buyers see a home that fits all their criteria and they don't pursue it, there is always a reason. I had listened to their goals and knew they needed more time.

I suggested the buyers take a bit of a break and re-evaluate their needs and time frame.  I told April and Natalka that I would be ready when they were.  


They called about 6 months ago, ready and willing, pre-qualification letter in hand!  Children, jobs and families had been taken into consideration and they knew the time was right.  More importantly, they knew the home we found was right!

-Dianne Grippi