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Island Realty Holiday Open House

We had such a wonderful time getting into the holiday spirit at our open house this past weekend! Everyone enjoyed lots of delicious treats & hot cider. The kids especially loved our red and green glow necklaces to celebrate the tree lighting. Watch the Jamestown Community Marching Band play a concert just for us in our office!

Summer Eats

If you're just visiting, or if you live here, it's good to remember all the possibilities for gathering fresh food at the farms in Jamestown.

-Corn is in at the Watson Farm, and the Organic Farm has gorgeous flowers and vegetables every Saturday morning at East Ferry. Don't forget the Community Farm which has vegetables and honey.

-Meat is available at the 2 farms on North Road, and what a selection! Stop in and check them out

-Zeek's Creek has fresh fish. There are lobsters to be had both at Zeek's, McQuades, and from Steve, the lobster guy at the dock off East Ferry.

In addition to all our wonderful island restaurants, Jamestowners Ralph and Elise Conte have opened a new restaurant, Plum Point Bistro, just over the Jamestown Bridge "where Sergios used to be". The food is great, and the atmosphere is lively and fun!

-Ginny Prichett



Sheep Shearing Day at Watson Farm

Here are some photos of the annal event that took place this past weekend here on Jamestown. The sheep got haircuts, while spinners and weavers were on hand to show how wool gets spun into yarn. Kids enjoyed fashioning their own mini sheep out of pipe cleaners & wool, the large tree swing, petting animals and snacking on wood fired pizza & root beer. It was the perfect warm, sunny day for a hike of the farm's extensive land.


New Bridge Tolls May Affect You

Last month, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority voted to raise tolls on the Newport Pell Bridge. According to the resolution, the newly proposed rates would not be implemented if the state could provide an “alternative and sufficient source of revenue.” The measure will hike the new tolls to the following:

RI resident EZ Pass users will increase from 83 cents to $1

Cash rate will increase from $4 to $5

EZ Pass 30-unlimited plan will increase from $40 to $48

EZ Pass 6-trip plan will increase from $5.46 to $6

Out-of-state EZ Pass users will increase from $4 to $5

Trucks per axel will increase from $4 to $5


The increase that passed the board in a 2 to 1 vote will be implemented on July 1.

The measure approved by the authority also will put in a request to the General Assembly to allow the authority to set the toll rate for Mount Hope Bridge. If the authority is allowed to set the rate then it is likely that tolls will return to the Mount Hope Bridge.


Read more from the Jamestown Press.


Sailing Fans Get Ready! The America's Cup World Series is Coming

Jamestown's sailing fans are thrilled! Newport, Rhode Island is the final stop in the inaugural America’s Cup World Series (AC World Series). The event will take place June 23 - July 1, 2012.

This major sailing event currently is planned to race inside Narragansett Bay. The start/finish line would be just off Fort Wetherill State Park in Jamestown.  Therefore, Jamestown will be the perfect place for spectators to watch the racing, as will the area along Newport's coast near Ft. Adams. This regatta will allow the public to see the world's top sailors compete in wing sailed catamarans. This is the first time these high-tech boats will be raced on the east coast.

For lots more information and to keep up with news as the event gets closer, check out the website: And if you're looking forward to taking in the action during the day, but want to escape to quiet and relaxation during the evening, Jamestown is the place to stay! We are only 10 minutes to Newport (accessible by bridge or ferry) and offer a great selection of rentals. Visit and click on the Rentals tab to view our properties.

*Photo by David Stoddart-Scott


Growing Up with Seniors

I grew up in Jamestown. I hope by now at 51, I can call myself a native. My family lived in many houses here on the island. The consistent “home” for me in my life was The Harborview Nursing Home. It was located on Conanicus Avenue where the Harborview Condominiums now exist. My grandparents turned what was once the Harborview Inn into a nursing home in 1950 and my parents took over the business in 1968 until sadly, it closed in 1975. I loved being there. As a young child, I was nurtured and loved by many Senior Citizens. There was the lady who shared her love of reading with me, the gentleman who always had a special piece of caramel candy for me, the lady who took me on the ferry to Newbury’s in Newport for an ice cream soda, and many more sweet and wise people that “looked out” for me. When I was 11, I carried trays for the evening meal and when I was 13, I cooked for them. 

My life has kept me here on this beautiful island. This upcoming year, I will celebrate my 25th year as a Realtor. I have come full circle in a very special way, bringing me back to having the pleasure of working with many Senior Citizens in my field. It is my goal to help them make the often very difficult transition of selling their home and moving to a new place as easy as possible. My love and respect towards Seniors guides me to always take the necessary time with patience and kindness to listen to their needs and assist them in the entire process. I often find myself leaving a two hour coffee jam session with them realizing that I have so much to learn about life, but feel blessed that I can listen to their stories and wisdom. It is my wish in this upcoming year, to spend more time with Seniors. I hope you can too.



The Jamestown Community Theatre to Perform "The Wizard of Oz"

Next month, the Jamestown Community Theatre will put on six performances of the classic “The Wizard of Oz”, which will coincide with the Jamestown Community Theatre’s 21st Anniversary.

Our very own Greer Beecroft is actively involved in the production as the set designer. She has been busily organizing volunteers, sketching designs, painting sets and implementing her ideas for the various scenes. Also involved is Island Realty’s co-owner, Carol Hopkins as choreographer. A little tidbit from Carol is that there is a dance titled “Jitterbugs,” that will appear in the play, but was cut in the original movie. It was the Witch of the West’s evil plan to get the main characters to dance until they were exhausted so she could get them to her castle. Carol says, “This is for everyone who thinks they’ve seen everything there is to see. It’s my favorite dance in the play!”

The Wizard of Oz 



The Jamestown Recreation Center



Friday, November 11 @ 7pm
Saturday, November 12 @ 7pm

Sunday, November 13 @ 4pm

Friday, November 18 @ 7pm

Saturday, November 19 @ 7pm

Sunday, November 20 @ 4pm


Purchase at Baker’s Pharmacy, Cathryn Jamieson Salon, Secret Garden and the Conanicut Ship’s Store.  Seniors (65 and over) and children (17 and under) will be $8 in advance. Regular adult tickets will be $13. Prices will increase to $11 and $16 respectively, if purchased at the door.


Welcome New Jamestowners

Last week I sold a house to a couple with an 11 year old child.  Due to the hurricane, they moved to town from another area of the country just before school began.  The parents told me that one thing that helped to make the transition smooth was that their daughter got a part in the upcoming Jamestown Community Theater play.  Their comment made me think for a moment about what it might be like to move as often as this family has, and how important it is that there is a welcoming atmosphere to allow people to acclimate quickly to their new home and have a sense of "belonging".  In this case, Mary Wright, the founder of the theater, took time to get to know this family and, in doing so, gave them all a sense of the community. Some of us have moved very infrequently in our lives, and others move every few years.  It's good to keep in mind that a simple "welcome" can mean a lot.

If you are new to our community, give us a call here at Island Realty.  Our agents are involved in lots of different activities/organizations (Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown Philomenian Library, Jamestown Soccer and much more).  We would love to tell you how to get involved and where you might meet some new friends.   -Ginny


Jamestown's Historic Sights

As you probably know, Jamestown has a great deal of history.  In fact, the oldest human artifacts found on Conani
cut Island date from around 3000 BC, according to!  We are lucky to have an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, the Jamestown Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting interest in Jamestown's past.

If you would like to learn more about Jamestown through the years, there are a number of historic sites around town to visit:

  • Jamestown Historical Society Museum - Wednesdays & Sundays thru Oct. 10, 1-4pm
  • Jamestown Windmill - Saturdays & Sundays thru Oct. 10, 1-4pm
  • Quaker Meeting House
  • Conanicut Battery
  • Jamestown Philomenian Library Exhibit
  • Town Hall Exhibit
  • Jamestown Fire Department Memorial Museum
  • Beavertail Lighthouse Museum
  • Watson Farm

Friday and Saturday, September 16 & 17

*Members Only Preview Party at Beaver Head Farm - Friday, September 16 from 5-7pm ($40 per person, includes tickets to September 17 house tour). For membership information, go to the Historical Society’s website.

*House Tour at Fox Hill Farm – Saturday, September 17 from 10am-2pm ($20 per person)