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Welcome New Jamestowners

Last week I sold a house to a couple with an 11 year old child.  Due to the hurricane, they moved to town from another area of the country just before school began.  The parents told me that one thing that helped to make the transition smooth was that their daughter got a part in the upcoming Jamestown Community Theater play.  Their comment made me think for a moment about what it might be like to move as often as this family has, and how important it is that there is a welcoming atmosphere to allow people to acclimate quickly to their new home and have a sense of "belonging".  In this case, Mary Wright, the founder of the theater, took time to get to know this family and, in doing so, gave them all a sense of the community. Some of us have moved very infrequently in our lives, and others move every few years.  It's good to keep in mind that a simple "welcome" can mean a lot.

If you are new to our community, give us a call here at Island Realty.  Our agents are involved in lots of different activities/organizations (Jamestown Arts Center, Jamestown Philomenian Library, Jamestown Soccer and much more).  We would love to tell you how to get involved and where you might meet some new friends.   -Ginny


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