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Growing Up with Seniors

I grew up in Jamestown. I hope by now at 51, I can call myself a native. My family lived in many houses here on the island. The consistent “home” for me in my life was The Harborview Nursing Home. It was located on Conanicus Avenue where the Harborview Condominiums now exist. My grandparents turned what was once the Harborview Inn into a nursing home in 1950 and my parents took over the business in 1968 until sadly, it closed in 1975. I loved being there. As a young child, I was nurtured and loved by many Senior Citizens. There was the lady who shared her love of reading with me, the gentleman who always had a special piece of caramel candy for me, the lady who took me on the ferry to Newbury’s in Newport for an ice cream soda, and many more sweet and wise people that “looked out” for me. When I was 11, I carried trays for the evening meal and when I was 13, I cooked for them. 

My life has kept me here on this beautiful island. This upcoming year, I will celebrate my 25th year as a Realtor. I have come full circle in a very special way, bringing me back to having the pleasure of working with many Senior Citizens in my field. It is my goal to help them make the often very difficult transition of selling their home and moving to a new place as easy as possible. My love and respect towards Seniors guides me to always take the necessary time with patience and kindness to listen to their needs and assist them in the entire process. I often find myself leaving a two hour coffee jam session with them realizing that I have so much to learn about life, but feel blessed that I can listen to their stories and wisdom. It is my wish in this upcoming year, to spend more time with Seniors. I hope you can too.



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Carol, Such a lovely article about your past. So many people will have as many good memories of Harbor View by you expressing yours.  

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