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Choosing Colors for Your Home - How Do You Want to Feel?

Choosing paint colors for your home may seem overwhelming. When we Googled  “colors for your home”,  we found a wide variety of information on the topic, so check it out. We found an interesting take regarding paint and it's effects on mood, so here is some information we gathered from the pros.

Color affects people in different ways. It can affect one’s energy level, temperament and even appetite. Before you paint a room, think about what mood you would like the room to evoke and go with colors that tend to create that mood.

Warm Colors (Red, Orange, Yellow)

Warm colors invoke images of heat. Red is often associated with energy. It has been shown to speed respiration and heart rate.  Red is a good choice for a dining room, where it can stimulate conversation. In an entryway, it can make a strong first impression. Orange is a color of excitement. This is a great color for an exercise room. Yellow indicates happiness and cheer.  This is a welcoming color and is good for kitchens, halls or small spaces where it can make the room feel larger. But be careful as you can have too much of it and actually create negative feelings. It is the most fatiguing color on the eyes. Pair yellow walls with a white ceiling and moldings.

Cool Colors (Blue, Green, Purple)

Cool colors tend to create a tranquil, serene mood. Blue has been found to slow respiration and bring down heart rate. It is a calming color, good for bathrooms and bedrooms, or large rooms where people gather. Be careful as blue can come across as too chilly (some pastels) or depressing (some dark shades). Green is the most restful color on the eye. It is a good choice for just about any room. Purple indicates creativity or luxury. It's a great accent color.

Neutrals (White, Brown, Gray)

Neutrals have great flexibility. They are good foundations for any room, especially for rooms that showcase detailing in accessories and furniture. Neutrals are also a useful complement to some bolder wall colors so they don’t seem too extreme or overpowering.

Good Luck! 

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