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New Bridge Tolls May Affect You

Last month, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority voted to raise tolls on the Newport Pell Bridge. According to the resolution, the newly proposed rates would not be implemented if the state could provide an “alternative and sufficient source of revenue.” The measure will hike the new tolls to the following:

RI resident EZ Pass users will increase from 83 cents to $1

Cash rate will increase from $4 to $5

EZ Pass 30-unlimited plan will increase from $40 to $48

EZ Pass 6-trip plan will increase from $5.46 to $6

Out-of-state EZ Pass users will increase from $4 to $5

Trucks per axel will increase from $4 to $5


The increase that passed the board in a 2 to 1 vote will be implemented on July 1.

The measure approved by the authority also will put in a request to the General Assembly to allow the authority to set the toll rate for Mount Hope Bridge. If the authority is allowed to set the rate then it is likely that tolls will return to the Mount Hope Bridge.


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